Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming an increasingly “planet conscious” choice for consumers and an important part of the transportation landscape. They are also becoming the choice for government and commercial fleets. EVs have a battery and an electric motor(s) instead of a gas tank and an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). Consequently, EVs do not produce any exhaust from the burning of carbon-based fuels and are considered Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV).

OMPA is a charter member of the Oklahoma EV Coalition whose “Mission is to facilitate the adoption and awareness of EVs and EVSE in Oklahoma through our active and cohesive group of diverse EV stakeholders.” And the “members are identifying and investigating policy, legislative and regulatory opportunities to support EV adoption.” For further information on EVs, please visit the Oklahoma EV Coalition website.

OMPA has coordinated with the Oklahoma EV coalition to promote ride and drive events, encourage commercial fleet transition to Electric Vehicles and keep up to date on legislation that can affect public power providers, such as OMPA member utilities. Also, OMPA has made a direct investment in Electric Vehicles, having purchased two Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and all electric fully battery powered vehicle, along with four Level 2 Electric Vehicle chargers. These chargers and vehicles are primarily for OMPA Fleet use, however, the 2 charges at the Edmond Headquarters are available for use by charge point account holders and OMPA members, as well. Some OMPA members already have charging stations in their locales. These stations are owned by various businesses, and some are even provided by the member utilities, like Edmond, and Ponca City. Other OMPA members have plans to install new EV chargers, such as Comanche, Duncan, Pawhuska, Perry, and Purcell. To support our member in the growth of EVs, OMPA has developed an EV Toolkit with an introduction, recommended policies, and examples in our “members only” section. Several companies have installed EV chargers in Oklahoma, including individually owned commercial charging stations. Francis Energy maintains a statewide charging network of 263 stations across 109 locations. As seen in the map, the Francis EV Network covers the major metro areas and the primary thoroughfares.

Electrify America, was created and awarded $2 billion from the VW Diesel fund to build out a nationwide high-speed EV charger network that covers all major routes throughout the US. They are halfway through their allotment and plan to be completed by 2027. The convenience store chain, OnCue, has also begun to deploy EV chargers as well in the OKC metro area. However, the best way to find an EV charging station is through a charging network website, or a smart phone app. There are several resources, some with interactive maps.

DoE Alternative Fuels Data Center

Francis Energy         -Smart App

Electrify America      -Smart App

ChargeHub               -Smart App

ChargePoint             -Smart App

PlugShare                 -Smart App

Please see your smart phone app store for a full array of EV charger location apps.

Electric vehicles are an excellent choice to drive. They are quiet, inexpensive to operate and maintain, and retail prices are falling at a steady rate. EV technology has not only advanced to a point that range anxiety is rare, the initial upfront cost has dropped dramatically, as well. The savings in fuel and maintenance cost alone are good motivators for purchase. With the buildout of a robust charging network, a driver will be hard pressed to not find a charging station if you plan your trip well. In fact, Oklahoma is rated as the No. 1 most EV friendly state by myev.com, and the ranks fourth least expensive state to charge an EV. OMPA encourages you to look at Electric Vehicle and the benefits of owning one.

For more information please contact Energy Services at OMPA.